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- Metal working skills:

Welding, Plasma cutting, Lathe and Milling Operation and other skills needed for metal fabrication.

- Wood working skills:

Lathe, Router and various Saw Operation (to include Band, Scroll and Table), and other skills needed for wood fabrication.

- Home repair/remodeling skills:

Laying wood flooring and tile, drywall repair, door hanging and other skills needed for home repair and remodeling.

- Auto repair skills:

Brake Repair, Oil Change, Body Repair and other basic "do it yourself" skills needed for vehicle repair and maintenance.

- Finishing skills:

Painting and Powder Coating of metal items, stain and varnishing of wood items, and other skills needed for prepping the items for a finish coat. Such skills would include but not limited to grinding, sanding, sand blasting, and taping.

What We Provide:

Hands on instruction of the following various trade skills such as:

Three Programs in One:

-Training Program:Will empower its students the ability to achieve economic self-sufficiency through meaningful employment by providing hands on instruction of various trade skills. Services that this includes are providing hands on training, mentorship and assistance with finding employment for the students once completion of training.

-Sharing Program: Through Bible studies, the Truth and Nails Technical Center will share the truth of Jesus Christ with its students.

-Helping Hands Program:This is the part of the training that takes place outside of a shop/classroom setting. Where the students get to plan, estimate price/time and execute a project in the home or on the vehicle of a local low-income family or elderly person. This project will be performed under the supervision of Truth and Nails Technical Center.

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