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The founder of Truth and Nails Technical Center started with a vision of teaching others the trades and skills that the Lord has giving him, hoping to enhance the lives of the students. This vision started with the concept of “"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, TEACH him to fish and feed him for a lifetime." At first it seemed to be "just a good thought", a dream of sorts to be able to share the talents that he had to try and better the life of another at no cost to the student. Realizing it was a vision much larger then a soon to be retired Army Sergeant First Class with five God given blessings, known as children could fund. This one fact made it clear that it wasn't "Just a good thought" but more of a softly whispered command from the Lord.

Hesitant but willingly stepping forward he decided to share this vision with family and close friends knowing they would think he had fallen off his rocker, but only receiving words of support. Thinking, "Ok, why isn't someone, anyone, trying to talk me out of this and telling me '“it's a good thought but are you crazy?'" Moving forward he started looking at garage sales and such for used tools that would be needed to provide such a service, sharing with the seller that his intended use of the tool is to teach others and would go on to share his vision in hopes of someone, anyone, telling him "That's a good thought, but are you crazy?" Instead he found himself going to pick up a used band saw that he got a really good deal on, off the internet and coming home with a truck full of various tools that the seller wanted to donate to the cause. Another time he was at a local (MD.) machine shop looking for a tool that is used on a metal lathe that he had purchased, (which the seller lowered the price after hearing it's intended use) and the owner of the shop gave him the needed tool as well as offered to donate a milling machine if it becomes a non-profit organization.

Continuing to take one step at a time in search of "Thats a good thought, but are you cazy."






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