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What We Provide

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Hands-On Instruction in the Following Skills:

  • Metalworking

    • Welding, Plasma cutting, Lathe and Milling Operation, and other skills needed for metal fabrication.

  • Woodworking

    • Lathe, Router, and various Saw Operations (including Band, Scroll, and Table), and other skills needed for wood fabrication.

  • Home Repair/Remodeling

    • Laying wood flooring and tile, drywall repair, door hanging, and other skills needed for home repair and remodeling.

  • Auto Repair

    • Brake Repair, Oil Change, Body Repair, and other basic "do it yourself" skills needed for vehicle repair and maintenance.

  • Finishing

    • Painting and Powder Coating of metal items, staining and varnishing of wood items, and other skills needed for prepping the items for a finish coat. Such skills would include but are not limited to grinding, sanding, sandblasting, and taping.

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3 Programs in One

1. Training Program:

  • Empowers our students to achieve economic self-sufficiency through meaningful employment by providing hands-on instruction in various trade skills. Services that this includes are providing hands-on training, mentorship, and assistance with finding employment for the students upon completion of training.

2. Sharing Program:

  • Through Bible studies, the Truth and Nails Technical Center will share the truth of Jesus Christ with its students.

3. Helping Hands Program:

  • This is the part of the training that takes place outside of a shop/classroom setting. Students get to plan, estimate price/time, and execute a project in the home or on the vehicle of a local low-income family or elderly person. This project will be performed under the supervision of Truth and Nails Technical Center.

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