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- 2Nov16 received $3500 donation for the purchase of a CNC plasma cutter.

- 4Feb16 three year anniversary.

- 6 Aug15 The "Helping Hands Program" completed it 100th job for those in the community.

- 4Feb15 been open for 2 years.

- 14Jul14 purchased 4000SF building @ 219 Anthony Lane, Shelbyville, TN.

- 4Feb14 one year anniversary.

- 21Jan14 received a $13,200 grant from Lutheran Community Foundation to be used for rent

- 20Jan14 signed a lease/purchase contract for a new 4000sf

- 26Mar13 started training students from Bedford County Work House

- 7Feb13 received approval letter for 501(c)3 tax exempt status from the IRS

- 4Feb13 opened doors to students

- 31Jan13 Got word today from the IRS agent our appication was assigned to. He said "congratulations on the approval of you 501c3, you will be receiving an official letter in the mail soon."

-18Jan13 Signed a 1 year lease on a building. Will be moving in tomorrow.

- 14Oct12 Moved to Shelbyville, TN.

- 21Mar12 Mailed off a paperwork to IRS requesting 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

- 24Feb12 Held first Business Meeting: Adopted Bylaws, voted in Walter Eades and Tim Fisher as Board Members.

- 16Feb12 Opened a Funding Factory account.

- 13Feb12 Opened a GoFundMe account check it out at

- 30Jan12 Opened Paypal account for accepting donations. Give as you feel lead by the Lord.

- 27Jan12 Opened a bank account under Truth and Nails Technical Center, Inc

- 26Jan12 is the born on date of Truth and Nails Technical Center, INC a filed Non-Profit Corporation with the state of TN.

- 19Jan12 Published the Truth and Nails Technical Center website.

- 12Jan12 Mailed off the Articles of Incorporation of Truth and Nails Technical Center to TN. Awaiting letter of incorporation that contains the needed information to apply for non-profit status.

- 5Jan2012 Had appointment with a lawyer to see what it takes to start a non-profit organization.

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